About Dr. Moody


I am a coach, educator, and advisor who supports individuals and organizations to realize their missions through the use of empathy. My partnership has helped underperforming organizations set new goals and improve outcomes, reframe their understanding of inclusion and authentic empowerment, build new relationships that leverage diversity, and build the emotional intelligence of leadership and the morale of the teams they manage. My collaboration has empowered individuals to pursue and obtain ambitious new career opportunities, realize concrete goals that felt out of reach, and work toward personal growth around understandings about issues like race and identity.

What I know from more than two decades as an educator and researcher on empathy is that we do not make lasting change or growth in environments where we can’t share our experiences, say the “wrong thing,” and experience joy. Any work on anti-racism, diversity/equity/inclusion, or intersectionality has to be rooted in a space that allows for collaborators to be safe feeling vulnerable and to ultimately have a positive experience. I also know that all the theory on bias and allyship means nothing without strategy, plans of action, and accountability. That is the work I empower individuals and organizations to do, with empathy, joy, and a co-conspiratorial spirit. 

I use positive psychology, the neuroscience of learning, and the science of empathy to create empathetic spaces in which individuals and organizations can truly grow.

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Evolve Network is a licensed advising and coaching service for those who seek individual support with direction-setting, goal attainment, leadership development and communication skills; and organizational support with goal-setting and attainment, organizational change, and culture improvement. 

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