What is Coaching?

Unlike most "life coaches," I am an International Coaching Federation credentialed coach who has earned advanced certifications in learning science and a doctorate in organizational change. I have spent my entire career supporting leaders to found new organizations, replicate high-performing organizations, or improve persistently struggling organizations. I have demonstrated success in guiding leaders through effective change and the training to make change happen for individuals and organizations. People who say, "change is hard" or "most people can't change" don't have a certified, professional change coach supporting them.


Having a coach is having your own professional mentor. Whether you are a leader working toward a goal for your team or an individual who needs a co-conspirator to live the life you deserve, a great coach works from the same model: identification of your unique gifts, co-authorship of a powerful plan, direct communication to get real about what is happening, and accountability to action. Coaching at Evolve is about meaningful action, clear metrics of success, and measurable change.

Is coaching right for you?

Over the past 12 years of consulting, coaching has grown to be one of the most in-demand services I provide. Although my coaching experience began with school leaders, the principles are the same across organizations and individuals. My studies focused on the neuroscience of learning and the conditions necessary for change to take hold and feel empowering. Some of topics I coach on include:

  • Building new communication skills to support career growth

  • Navigating a significant life change (new career, divorce, illness)

  • Integrating new, positive habits in life (mindfulness, work/life balance, exercise/wellness)

  • Leading community activism/grassroots organizing

  • Adopting strategies and confidence to navigate conflict and difficult conversations

  • Leadership of an improved organizational culture

  • Creating an organizational culture that honors diversity and equity

  • Understanding and eliminating barriers to equity in a community

Who are my clients?

My clients are diverse in identity, career, and ambition. Some choose coaching for themselves and contract directly with me. Some are assigned me as a coach through their place of employment. Some first connect with me through their work and continue to receive coaching with me after the workplace coaching ends.


Some are parents, some are CEOs, some are students, some are teachers, some are artists, some are activists, some are board chairs, some are freelance writers.


I have coached a stay-at-home mom craving balance, a CAO finishing his doctoral dissertation, a superintendent seeking to improve her school district's morale, a parent returning to the work force after more than a decade as primary caregiver, a preschool director new to leadership, an entrepreneur testing the waters of self-promotion, and a whole lot of principals leading under-resourced schools in high-stakes environments. 


What is the change you seek in your life or team? Let's talk about how to make it happen.


What Should I Expect

Free Consultation

We will schedule a call or Google Hangout to meet at no cost. We will talk about what you are working on, what coaching will look like, and how/when to meet. You will leave this meeting with clarity on the process, fees, and a schedule. If it feels like a good fit, we set the schedule. If not, I can give you other recommendations and references.

Weekly Check-Ins

Our check-ins are by phone or computer. We meet weekly or every other week. We will usually meet for an hour, and our conversations are confidential.

You have no obligation to meet for any set number of sessions, and the number of meetings you want will depend on your goals.

We will set metrics of success and action steps. You may work on homework outside of sessions, and you will make change.


I am available to clients by text and email between sessions. I also provide access to resources and exercises. Your change takes place outside of our sessions, and our work together provides the strategy. Coaching is a collaboration wherein we work together to determine how you can make the change, and then you do the work. So the time to sign on is when you are serious about making a change, adopting a new habit, your leadership in your organization, or when an unexpected transition comes your way.


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Dr. Kristin Moody

Atlanta, GA