Students and

Career Changers

Maybe it's your first career after completing your degree. Maybe it's your second, or third, or fourth career after making a major transition. Maybe you are returning to the field after a long absence. Regardless of what brought you here, you have questions about what is next--figuring out where you are headed and how to get there.


Coaching services for students and career changers are focused on the strategies you expected the college career center to offer. We will identify what is important to you in your work, where you want to be in the long-term, and the steps you need to take there to get there. Non-profit employment doesn't have to come at the expense of material comfort; leadership doesn't have to come at the expense of balance. Let's work together to set your priorities and make a plan that honors the unique experiences and skills you have accrued. We will leverage my experience as a consultant and entrepreneur with a laser-like focus on what matters to you and what you have to offer.


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Dr. Kristin Moody

Atlanta, GA