I empower people to realize their goals, connect with others, and stay true to their authentic selves. I do this through training, coaching, consulting, and support that is tailored to the unique needs of clients. Some of my work looks like coaching a leader one-on-one to meet a goal. Some of my work looks like creating empathy curriculum for students across four countries and diverse cultures.

  • Coaching

    I am an ICF accredited coach with more than a decade of experience coaching individuals and groups. Coaching has been important to me personally and professionally, and so I work to be a great coach for my clients. Through transitions, difficult relationships or cultures, or exploration of identity in a safe space, I provide thought partnership and a co-conspirator for next steps.

  • Empathy-Based Training and Facilitation

    I collaboratively plan educative experiences to fit the character of diverse teams tailored to the unique learning outcomes and goals of the engagement. Empathy training or empathy-based facilitation equips teams with common language and strategies that leverage emotional intelligence.

  • Advising/Consulting

    For more than a decade, the majority of my work has been as a collaborator and advisor for organizational leadership seeking to make improvement and change in their organization. I provide consultation on developing vision-led organizations, shifting organizational culture (with a focus on making cultures more equitable and positive), setting and attaining short- and long-term goals with structured plans, and improvement planning processes.

  • Qualitative Data Collection

    Using empathy as the cornerstone to qualitative data collection best practices, I develop and conduct interviews, panels, and focus groups that enable diverse participants to fully share their experiences. I have conducted groups with participants across a broad range of communities, education levels, racial and ethnic identities, and willingness to engage with consistent success. Through carefully crafted questions and attentive empathy, these conversations unearth opinions, perspectives, and experiences that enable policy advocates, designers, researchers, and a range of clients from across other fields to better understand the experiences of those they seek to serve.

  • Speaking/Writing

    I am available to speak and/or write about empathy and how it may apply to your experience or challenge. I have spoken on panels about the role of empathy in disagreements about politics, empathy in the COVID-19 workplace, how empathy functions in effective classrooms, the intersection of empathy and cultural relevance in effective pedagogical practices, examples of empathy in international leadership crisis response, and empathy in interpersonal relationships. I am pretty excited to talk about empathy anywhere and everywhere.

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